The art of recording, manipulating and editing audio to make visuals feel more tangible, visceral, and real. From Hyper realistic sound design to otherworldly creature vocals, abstract or naturalistic soundscapes, ASMR recordings…My goal is always to create a unique sonic footprint for every project I’m involved in.


Music can be such a powerful way to tell underlined stories and enrich the viewer's experience. In my career I had the opportunity to dive into loads of different styles, so from cinematic orchestrations to heart pounding beats, heavy guitar riffs and piano ballads, tell me your idea and let's crack on with it.


It's the meticulous process of capturing, “performing” and crafting sound effects that enhance character movements and actions on screen that weren’t recorded on set. Footsteps, rustling clothes, slamming doors, breaking glass…Good foley design can add so much depth and credibility to films.


To record high quality audio outside of the studio is not an easy task: Whether it's in the city or in the forest, ultimately It’s you, and your gear. So when I work in the field, no matter what, I can always count on my microphone array (Neumann, Sennheiser, LOM…) and my great Sound Devices portable recorder.


Beyond traditional stereo or surround sound, Immersive Audio adds height and depth to the audio field, allowing for a more realistic and engaging experience. With state of the art Plugins, dedicated software and professional equipment, I can help you providing an immersive experience for your next project.